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Illinois Roadway and Driving Safety

This page is offered to help provide several safety resources for Illinois drivers. Illinois accident lawyerOver the past 3 years alone, Illinois roadways have seen 2,629 fatal car accidents. The Illinois State Police are often the first responders to these crashes and the biggest advocates for driver safety. The Illinois Department of Transportation also provides numerous resources for the motoring public which are part of their efforts to design and maintain of a safe world class transportation system.

The Illinois State Police website offers a section dedicated to Safety Education. The Illinois State Police offer District Safety Eduction Officers who are available to teach courses on topics including: Motor Carrier Safety, Bike Safety, Driver’s Eduction, Zero Tolerance, Workplace Safety, School Bus Safety, and many other useful topics. Visit their website to learn how to schedule a course near you.

The Illinois State Police provide in depth information on Child Safety Seats & Seat Belts. Keeping the most vulnerable passengers protected was furthered by The Illinois Child Passenger Protection Act. This Act mandates that each Illinois driver and passenger wear a properly fastened and adjusted seat belt and also sets forth the responsibilities of those transporting young children. The Act also lays out the requirements for Illinois Graduated Driver License and penalties for failure to comply with the mandates of the Act.

The Illinois State Police website also provides extremely helpful information on some of the following topics:

The Illinois State Police have also compiled a list of important Illinois phone numbers. It can never hurt to have these printed off and handy.

The Illinois Department of Transportation’s website also offers a great deal of safety information for motorists operating on Illinois roadways. Interactive maps provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation provide an amazing resource for the following topics:

In an effort to help reduce pedestrian accidents, ATV accidents and bicycle accidents, the Illinois Department of Transportation has complied a recreation page which helps residents find State Parks, designated bike trails and ATV paths.

The Illinois Department of Transportation has also made it extremely convenient to find state laws and regulations for various transportation systems:

As is all too often the case, corporations try to save money and increase profits at the expense of our local environment. IDOT has provided a great resources and compilation of environmental safety information. If you suspect an environmental violation, you should alert authorities immediately.

Anyone can also report a problem to the IDOT around the clock by calling (217) 782-2937.

Chicago Accident Information and Safety Resources

The City of Chicago has complied general information on their website for local and state services, some of which include:

The Chicago Police Department’s website also provides helpful information for Chicago residents, which includes: