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Personal Injury Verdicts and Settlements

For Illinois personal injury lawyer Chris Dixon, representing individuals and families hurt as a result of the carelessness of another is an honor and a responsibility. Dixon works hard on behalf of his clients. Below are some of the recent cases he has handled. Out of respect for his clients’ confidentiality, identifying information has been removed.

Sexual Assault

Result: $30,040,000.00 Judgment

Case Summary: In a case that involved an abuse of authority, a former assistant United States Attorney was found liable for inappropriate sexual misconduct with a minor. Punitive damages were awarded.

Commercial Bus Crash

Result: $2,000,000.00 Settlement

Case Summary: The driver of an automobile was stopped at a traffic signal when a commercial bus rear-ended the car. The car driver suffered catastrophic injuries. The commercial bus company agreed to settle the personal injury case.

Illinois Man Ran Over By Drunk Driver

Result:  $1,000,000.00 Settlement

Case Summary: An Illinois man volunteering for a friend with cancer was ran over by a Penske truck driver by a drunk business owner. What was supposed to be a day of selfless giving almost claimed an innocent persons life. This policy limits settlement provided reimbursement for our client’s harms and losses.

Slip-and-Fall Premises Liability

Result: $250,000 Settlement

Case Summary: While celebrating her birthday at a restaurant, the customer slipped on water that had been spilled and broke her ankle. An investigation by the law firm discovered that the sole bartender was aware of the spill but ignored it in order to make more money by waiting on customers.

Trucking Accident

Result: $150,000 Settlement

Case Summary: Just after accepting her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, the couple’s car was stopped at a red light when it was rear-ended by a construction company truck hauling digging equipment. The son of the construction company owner was driving the truck even though he did not have a valid driver’s license and had a history of alcohol offenses. The construction company’s excess insurance policy covered the client’s injuries in full.

Motorcycle Accident

Result: $120,000 Settlement

Case Summary: A husband and wife were unable to stop their motorcycle when a car pulled out in front of them without checking for oncoming traffic. The couple was thrown from the motorcycle.

Pedestrian Accident

Result: $100,000 Settlement

Case Summary: A pedestrian walking next to a garage was struck by an SUV driven by the son of the garage owner. The driver squealed the tires and accelerated backward. The SUV hit the pedestrian who sustained a herniated cervical disk that will require future surgery.

Auto Accident

Result: $100,000 Settlement

Case Summary: When a driver negligently pulled out into oncoming traffic, the car was T-boned by another vehicle. The negligent driver’s friend, a passenger in the rear of the vehicle, sustained broken bones and needed physical therapy. As is often the case with negligent drivers, the insurance policy was not a large one. The case settled for policy limits.

Wrongful Death

Result: $100,000 Settlement

Case Summary: A man attempted to cross a poorly lit street without using the crosswalk. A speeding driver struck the pedestrian and he was killed. The brother of the deceased settled the wrongful death case for the auto insurance policy limits.

Pedestrian Accident

Result: $65,000 Settlement

Case Summary: A nurse sustained damage to her cervical and lumbar spine when she was struck by an SUV while lawfully using a crosswalk. The damages included the cost of the plane ticket the nurse’s husband had to purchase to be home with his injured wife as well as the wages he lost as a result of the accident.

Car Accident Crash

Result: $50,000 Settlement

Case Summary: When a driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic, the passenger in the vehicle cut his forehead when the car crashed into another vehicle. The cut left a permanent but small facial scar.

Auto Accident

Result: $50,000 Settlement

Case Summary: A driver on her way to work was struck by another vehicle that failed to yield. The driver suffered neck and back injuries in the crash which forced her to miss a substantial period of work.

Dog Bite

Result: $45,000 Settlement

Case Summary: A cable installer was bit by a pit bull while responding to the employer’s service call. The cable installer was able to pursue a premises liability claim as well as a worker’s compensation claim.

Dog Bite

Result: $40,000 Settlement

Case Summary: A dog that was running loose in a neighborhood bit a child who required multiple stitches to her cheek. The parents meticulously followed the doctor’s orders for the administration of medications and application of creams and lotions to prevent scarring. As a result, the child made a 100 percent recovery with no visible scarring.

Low Impact Car Crash

Result: $40,000 Settlement

Case Summary: A driver hit her head on the windshield after being broadsided by another vehicle in a country club parking lot. The driver sustained ocular injuries that caused double vision, headaches and swelling.

Minor Property Damage Car Crash

Result: $30,000 Settlement

Case Summary: A crash occurred when a young driver failed to stop for a stop sign located in a shopping complex. The client suffered a whiplash injury in which the body absorbs the shock of the collision and gains momentum as the shockwave travels through the body and up through the neck.

Automobile Accident

Result: Policy Limits Settlement

Case Summary: A teacher who worked with handicapped children was on his way home from school when he was broadsided by a negligent driver. Although the driver stopped, she sat in her car instead of tending to the unconscious teacher.

Truck Accident

Result: Policy Limits Settlement

Case Summary: A passenger in a truck driven by an intoxicated driver suffered life-threatening injuries when the truck went off the road and crashed into a tree.

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